illustrasjon av globalskolens jordklode

Globalskolen is a pioneer in children’s online education. Globalskolen is owned by the four municipalities Volda, Sykkylven, Sande and Vanylven, and is a not-for-profit limited company. We work on assignment from the Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training.

From a small start with 15 students in 1998, in 2019, Globalskolen had 1,350 students living in 105 different countries around the world. In the school year 2018/2019, a whopping 96% of registered students completed their courses.

Today, the school has 26 highly qualified employees with solid experience in online education. All our teachers live and work in Norway. We believe it benefits our students to stay updated on what is going on in Norway at any one time.

Globalskolen has been and remains a pioneer in children’s online education. We collaborate closely with the Norwegian academic communities and are at the forefront of developments.

bilde av lærerne hos globalskolen
Globalskolen seminar in Ulsteinvik 2021

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