Privacy policy

This privacy statement applies to all users of, and contains information about how, why and through which services we use cookies, personal and anonymous data to improve our services and your user experience.

What are cookies and how is your data stored?

When you visit our website, different types of data are stored locally on your device via your browser. The data may, for example, contain user settings, information about how you have browsed our websites, which browser you use, which ads you have been shown. Your locally stored data can be used to adapt the content and functions of services provided to you, and thus help us improve your visiting experience, better organize page content, and make each visit more meaningful for you. Cookies do not contain directly identifiable data about you (such as name, address, telephone number and the like), but information about your browser and activity that has taken place through it.

What do we use cookies and locally stored data for?

We use local data storage to:

Both Globalskolen AS and our subcontractors store data locally on your device. Any subcontractors are then subject to data processor agreements and may not use the data for anything other than delivering the service we have ordered from them.

Want to know more?

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