How Globalskolen does online education

Your own primary teacher, individual feedback, close collaboration and varied learning methods. This is our students’ experience.

23. September. 2020

Globalskolen adapts its teaching to the individual student; we provide varied content and methodologies.

Collaborate through Canvas

Like most Norwegian schools, our school year is split into two semesters. Each semester contains 15 varied lessons with learning content and assignments. The lessons take at least 90 minutes to complete, and are based on the curriculum of the three subjects Norwegian, Social Science and Christianity, Religion and Ethics Education (CREE).

Globalskolen uses the online learning platform Canvas. This online tool gives students, teachers, parents and guardians easy access to log in and find learning content and assignments. Students can collaborate with other students in their class and communicate with their teacher through the platform.

Your own teacher and individual feedback

Good digital tools and teachers with solid experience in online education means we can offer a fully developed programme to school children all around the world.

All our students have a primary teacher they communicate with through text, audio and video. We use asynchronous teaching. This means that teachers and students don’t have to be online at the same time. This is necessary as our teachers and students are often in different time zones.

Every week, students are given feedback on their coursework from their primary teacher. We continuously hear how the close contact between students and our teachers in Norway is important to the children going to school abroad.

Technical help and guidance

Online education is not very complicated, but unexpected things may happen, especially when you find yourself in a new, strange country. Luckily, Globalskolen has great support services.

Eli Aarvik is our IT manager, and the primary support contact. When needed, she’s always there, even at short notice. Often, families ask Eli questions about video or audio on the platform. If there’s no obvious buttons to click to solve the problem, you can give her permission to access your computer through the software Teamviewer and she’s sure to find a solution.

For the youngest students’ classes, we also provide guidance to the parents or guardians. That way, you can act as the teacher’s local support. For many of our families, the Globalskolen lessons become a nice family activity.

IT manager Eli Aarvik jumps into action at short notice and supports our students who need help around the world.